Automated Bid Management – An Industry First

The connectivity industry’s first fully automated Bid Management capability is now available as part of our Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution.

If network providers are unable to quickly identify optimal network partners that can service a location and economically meet the end-users’ exacting requirements, service provider revenue growth will certainly suffer. The inability to address these issues is game over for many deals. 

Connected2Fiber’s Bid Management Solution was purpose-built to address these exact challenges.

Connected2Fiber solves traditional hurdles by bringing automation together with the largest ecosystem of buyers and sellers in the connectivity space. Within Connected2Fiber’s Bid Management capability, users quoting connectivity from their supplier base can:

  • Automatically identify bid locations where fallout occurred, supplier pricing or terms need to change, or technical questions need to be addressed based on insights within the CPQ process

  • Search for alternative network providers to satisfy bid requests by leveraging Connected2Fiber’s best-in-class network intelligence

  • Communicate with network providers both inside and outside of The Connected World platform via new messaging and secure supplier portal functionality, with suppliers’ resulting accepted pricing and term information from suppliers will automatically integrate into the quote


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